Teatv APK 10.1.5r Download for Android 2021

Teatv apk

Today we all are watching our favorite TV shows and movies on our smartphones just because of the updated technology. There are various apps available in the market that are providing these services free of cost.

Just like that, TeaTV is a popular streaming application on which users can watch their favorite TV shows and movies free of cost. There is also a Teatv Live TV option for the users so that they can stream live content. The app has an amazing user-interface that makes it easy for the users to use this app. The app is available for almost all devices and users can also watch their favorite video content on Firestick. Let us know more about it.


Teatv Firestick

For watching Teatv on Firestick, users need to enable the app from unknown sources on their Smart TV. They have to go to the Settings option, then tap on the My Fire TV option and there you have to enable the option.

Once you do it, now you have to download the Downloader app on your Smart TV. Once you download the app, now you have to download and install the Tea TV app on Firestick. Let us know how to do it.

  • First of all, users need to open the Downloader app and then tap on the URL field.
  • Now just paste this code https://www.firesticktricks.com/tea and tap on the Submit button.
  • It will start downloading the app, users need to wait until it finishes.
  • Then just tap on the Next button to Install and wait for the installation process to finish.


That’s it, now just tap on the Open button to enjoy TeaTV on Firestick. Now let us know how to install TeaTV on Windows.


TeaTV Windows

  • First of all, users need to download the .exe file of the TeaTV app on Windows.
  • Now just tap on the file to begin the installation process and press Next.
  • Then just wait for the installation process to complete and just tap on the Open button to stream the Tea TV on Windows.
  • Make sure that the file you are downloading is free from viruses.

That’s it, it is a very easy process. If you are not able to find the .exe file then you can also download the Bluestack app and can play the TeaTV Apk file on Windows.


TeaTV Apk Download

So now we are providing you the download link for the TeaTV Apk so that you can easily download it and enjoy all the features of it. Here is the link –


Download Tea TV Apk


TeaTV on Roku

As we have already said that the app is available for Android, Mac, and Windows. So it will not be possible to install TeaTV on Roku. But users don’t have to worry about it. It is not possible legally but we can also try another method to do it by screen mirroring. So just follow the steps to stream TeaTV on Roku.

  • First of all, install All Screen Receiver on your Android device.
  • Then you have to do a proper setup for installing the app on a Roku device.
  • Now just search the All Screen app on your Roku device.
  • Now just tap on Add Channel and wait till it is installed on your Roku device completely.
  • Now just launch the TeaTV app and tap on play with and then tap on the All Screen Receiver option.
  • The app will receive the command on Roku and it will start playing video on your TV.


Tea TV Not Working 2021

As we have seen that many people are complaining that TeaTV is not working or it shows error while playing a particular video. There may be various reasons for this error. So if you are also facing this issue then don’t worry, we are providing you the best solution.

Users should clear the cache of the application from the phone so that it can perform better. A lot of caches can create issues sometimes and that’s why clearing is quite necessary.

It may also happen because the users not updating the app and are already running an older version. So users are strictly recommended to update the TeaTV app from the official website so that they don’t have to face this issue again.


TeaTV Alternatives

So here are the best alternatives of the TeaTV app –

# Cinema HD Apk

Cinema HD is a popular video streaming app that allows users to stream their favorite movie free of cost in HD quality. So it will be a great choice.


# Typhoon TV

Typhoon is also a great alternative that provides high-quality links for watching the favorite video content. The app has a great interface and the app developer updates the app frequently for the user’s convenience.


# Viva TV

Viva TV is a new app that’s why users will get all the latest features in the app and will get the content which they are looking for. So it will be a great choice to stream your favorite video content on this app.

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